Animated Sprite-sheet Banner Icon

Spritesheet Animated Banners

HTML5 Animated Banners Please note that there are 3 creatives here. I’ve only included the MPU units to avoid clutter as there are 3 separate creatives/animations here. The main focus being on the…

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Games Design

Game Design, and Game Asset Creation and Illustration These are some examples of illustration work I did for various BBC projects. These were gamrs for clients such as Cbbc, Cbeebies, BBC Three, BBC…

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BBCi Remote Control GIF Animation

BBCi Remote Control 3D Model

BBCi 3D Remote Control BBC Interactive asked me to design and create a 3D model of a remote control. I wasn’t really happy about the creative brief, as it stated that they wanted to design it as…

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Links of London

LINKS OF LONDON Flash Components of the LINKS of LONDON website and Promotional DVD Working to brief,¬† I’ve designed, animated and programmed the Flash components of the first 3 versions of the…

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