I come from an illustration and design background: I’ve studied figurative illustration, but professionally have always worked as a Digital Designer. Back in 1998, I started at BT Wireplay  – the first ever dial-up/ISDN PC gaming network in the world, designing Quake 1 and Quake3 multiplayer levels.

My next job was at the BBC Creative Services (later known as Red-Bee after privatisation) where after 6 years as Interaction Designer and Promo Director, I left and started freelancing. Fourteen years later, I still freelance in the digital design field, mostly for London based ad-agencies.

Since 2006 I have freelanced on the London agency circuit, at many an ad-agency, at places like Wundermans, Y&R, Ogilvy, Razorfish, Mother/Wellcom, Engine, WCRS, Truant, Jagex and so on.

Over the years the most important thing I learned is:

Say NO often!- Blair Ens