Flash Components of the LINKS of LONDON website and Promotional DVD

Working to brief,  I’ve designed, animated and programmed the Flash components of the first 3 versions of the Links of London websites. I was provided with all the raw assets, photographs of the products, out which I created the reflections and all other animation assets. I programmed it in Actionscript 2.

I’ve also created the promotional DVD – an Actionscript3 based catalogue of all the products, containg video clips I created in AfterEffects. I’ve only included the video of the DVD due to the impossibility of presenting the AS3 menus.

Promotional interactive DVD


The Links of London DVD disk was an Actionscript 3 driven product catalogue with promotional videos / animations and press material..

All the video media was created in After Effects, also storyboarded and edited by myself and a coleague designer. I have written the DVD framework utilising a MVC OOP code pattern.

Lins of London - Video

Links of London

Year: 2009
Categories: Design, Art Direction, User Experience, AS2, AS3, OOP, MVC, Flash, After Effects

Design and Animation
Creative Direction