Game Storyboards – Games That I Never Got To Make

The Dragon of Wantley – How to Slay a Dragon in 5 Steps

This is actually a storyboard for a game called ‘Militant Optimism, or Slaying a Dragon in 5 Steps’that I never got to make, but liked the storyboard and the story behind it.. Moore of Moore Hall etc.

The dragon was killed in the most unchivalrous manner..

  1.  Moore of Moore Hall drank 6 pots of ale..
  2. He hid down the well and thumped the dragon of Wantley when he came to drink water.
  3. Then he snuck up behind the dragon, and struck a fatal blow into his most vulnerable part – his posterior
  4. Moore of Moore Hall wore a suit of armour with spikes,
  5. Moore looked like a HEDGEHOG – which must’ve shocked the dragon…

That game would have been just brilliant, and will make it one of these days..






Here is another from same period, a study for a character for a game, based on Satan…The game never got made, of course…




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