HMRC Childcare Choices – Banner Masters Design & Coding

This is the banner creative designed and built for the HMRC Childcare Choices campaign of 2017.

The masters were designed and coded for a standard HTML5 delivery via DoubleClick. These animated banners, utilise Javascript animation libraries – in this case Greensock. There’s not much more to say here, the animation is just a simple swapping over of images, with the main creative focus on typography – with type scale used to accentuate the copy hierarchy.

  • Client: HMRC
  • Agency: WCRS
  • Year: 2017
  • Categories: Design, Art Direction, User Experience, HTML5, Javascript, CSS3, Animated Banners, HTML5 Banners

HMRC – Childcare Choices Creative

Static frame-by-frame storyboard for the Leaderboard unit.
Static Frames Story Board

HTML5/CSS3/JS Animated Banner All Units:

HMRC – Childcare Choices 970×250 Unit:
HMRC – Childcare Choices, 600×300 Banner
HMRC – Childcare Choices 728×90 Banner
HMRC – Childcare Choices 300×250 Banner