FitBit HTML5 Banner Masters

FitBit banner masters for campaign of 2016. These are standard animated banners, hand-coded and using CSS3 animation and SVG graphics.

The banner creative was storyboarded and designed in Photoshop, and the creative and animation tweaked for different European markets to accommodate longer copy in certain languages. The banner build was executed with standard Javascript libraries, handcoded in HTML5/CSS3. I attempted to utilise SVG graphics whenever time permitted, as the SVG workflows were not in accordance with the studio habits.

  • Client: FitBit
  • Year: 2016/2017
  • Categories:¬†Design, Art Direction, User Experience, HTML5, Javascript, CSS3, Animated Banners, HTML5 Banners
FitBit Charge 2 800×600 Banner
FitBit Blaze 970×250 Banner
FitBit Flex 2 970×250 Banner
FitBit Alta Accessories 2 970×250 Banner
FitBit Charge2 Male Version 970×250 Banner