BBC Wimbledon Promo

 Translator App for John McEnroe’s Commentary

I was responsible for doing all the illustration as well as the animation and coding in Flash.

From an illustration/animation point of view, it was required to depict contemporary John holding a mic and then morphing/spinning into McEnroe of the eighties, holding a tennis racket, wearing his headband..

John McEnroe

This was my second Wimbledon promotion that I did for the BBC. McEnroe was the official Wimbledon commentator/presenter. The previous year, McEnroe was present in the commentary booth as a guest, I believe, and the viewers loved his commentary and his dry wit. The concept BBC marketing chose was a McEnroe ‘commentary translator app’, and a couple of humorous clips.

The idea was to get John to record some funny voice-overs (the copy was based on McEnroe’s humour and some of the antics from the ’80s) .

On one side there are John’s contemporary comments, which you can supercharge into his 80’s style aggression – by drag-and-dropping a text ballon onto his character.

John was only too happy to do the voice overs. He read the lines once, and bashed out the recordings in under an hour.

John McEnroe quotes (4) – BJD24900 Lee v Henman

Look at him now, tell him to breath through his nose, nice deep breaths, ok, here we go.


Look at him now, tell him to breath through his nose, nice deep breaths, ok, here we go.

BBC: Oh I do wish he would relax a tad.

I’m edgy here and I’m only doing the commentary!…feel it…’s very quiet right now.

BBC: The atmosphere is positively electric out there

It seemed to ring before the ball even bounced – this thing’s rigged! I mean, not only am I not the better player, screwing me before I’ve even started!

BBC: Seems to be some mechanical eccentricities on the court.

Tough question is, how do you tell yourself not to over hit – your adrenaline, your heart rate is 190 right now, it should be about 120, he’s just so hyped up, he just can’t settle down, he’s trying to hit his way out of it.

BBC: He’s serving a mite too hard.

These guys train long and hard apparently. Not like the US Open, where these guys, they got people with wives and kids that are ballboys..there used to be guys older than I was!

BBC: The ball boys at Wimbledon are amongst the best.

gotta start nodding his head, positive vibes – he won that point, he’s shaking his head, he shouldn’t be doing that, he’s gotta think positive – if he doesn’t think he can win – no one else is.

BBC: He must stop thinking negatively.

Someone should tell him he may never be on Centre Court again, this may be your last shot – you want me to go tell him?, will be right back!

BBC: This could be his very last chance.

We’re running out of things to talk about aren’t we?! Everyone get their sunblock on!!

BBC: Well the play certainly speaks for itself

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Below is a couple of swf’s showing some of the functionality (requires enabled Flash plug-in)

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