BBC Four Channel Launch Game And Assets Design

BBC Four – Seemore Game Character

This is an anthropomorphic game character called Seemore, which I designed and illustrated from scratch myself – for the online portions of the BBC Four channel launch.

BBC’s Four channel had no online/visual id yet, and the brief was rather open. I wanted to amalgamate a remote control device, with an anthropomorphic fish, to arrive at a character that can be used for games and online banners. Originally Seemore’s purpose was to allow the player to navigate the BBC Four programmes landscape/environment.

As part of the initial project, I coded and designed the Actionscript2 game, and designed all the non-player characters as pixel bitmaps. This was an extremely tight deadline, where all had to be delivered in less than 3 weeks, and I was responsible for all the moving and animated pixel bitmaps, player and NPC characters + animations, and all the code + and game design. In other words, I did litereally everything, except for the backgrounds, which consisted of a huge PNG file of the environment, which was designed by two junior coleagues.


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  • Client: BBC Four
  • Year: 2007
  • Categories: Game & Characters Design, Pixel Graphic Illustration, Art Direction, Coding (Actionscript 2.0)
Pixel Protrait of Alan Clarke
Seemore BBC Four