Integrated Twitch 1600×1200 Skin and Expandable Rich Media Banners

In-situ mockup placement of the Twitch skin, 1600×1200, expandable 970×250 banner with video, 300×250 MPU with rich media.

The skin and the banners have intergrated design, so that the branding or assets are not duplicated across the skin/HPTO. The point was to redesign the banner/masters layout to avoid repetition of assets and logos.

To expand the 970×250 banner, please click ‘Expand’


The expandable banner is a hand-coded plain Javascript HTML5 creative, while the MPU had to be built in Adobe Edge due to some limitations concerning rich media delivery.


Live in-situ placement mock-up of a Twitch hosted skin, containing a large 970×250 leaderboard and 300×250 MPU banner units.

HTML5 (CSS3 / Javascript)

Expandable unit is plain hand coded javascript, and the rich media MPU was built in Adobe Edge.

DoubleClick Studio

Standard video event tracking on the rich media unit, both banners delivered via DoubleClick Studio.